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JUNE 24th - JULY 7th

Our Services

Below are just a few of the wide range of gynecological services we offer.

>  Hysteroscopy

>  Dilation & curettage

>  Polypectomy

>  LEEP procedure for cervical dysplasia

>  Bartholin gland marsupialization

>  IUD insertion and / or removal under sedation

>  Pap smear

>  Pelvic exam under sedation

>  Vulvar itch

>  Vulvar biopsy

>  Chronic pelvic pain, painful sex, painful menstruation

>  Transvaginal ultrasound

>  Contraception counseling

>  IUD insertion and removals

>  Preconception counseling

>  Menopause / hormone replacement therapy

>  Early pregnancy confirmation 

>  Routine gynecologic annual women’s health exams

>  Breast exams

>  Pap smears

>  Colposcopy (evaluation of abnormal pap smear)

>  Acute and chronic vaginal infections

>  Urinary tract infections

>  Screening for sexually transmitted infections

>  Abnormal bleeding, irregular periods

>  Endometrial biopsy

We would love to hear from you!

Kumari Ananda Hobbs, MD 

My life’s mission as a gynecologist is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, non-judgemental and accessible care to my patients. I love having the ability to spend time and have meaningful interactions with my patients in order to gain their trust in helping them feel their best. Having continuity with my patients over the years brings such joy into the practice of medicine. 

Promoting your health

and wellbeing

Delivering exceptional gynecological care in the heart of NYC. We are compassionate, nonjudgmental, comprehensive and accessible.

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