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Our Mission

My life’s mission as a gynecologist is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, non-judgemental and accessible care to my patients. I love having the ability to spend time and have meaningful interactions with my patients in order to gain their trust in helping them feel their best. Having continuity with my patients over the years brings such joy into the practice of medicine. 


Opening my own practice felt like the natural next step in my career. Having practiced now for over a decade has given me perspective into how I would like to continue to care for my patients. Of utmost importance is being able to spend quality time with someone, get to know them, and have a real back and forth dialogue about how they can achieve and/or maintain their gynecologic health goals. 


Additionally, I strive to be able to offer comprehensive gynecologic care. My patients will feel confident that they can come to me to evaluate any of their concerns. While I may not be able to treat every issue, my patient will know that as a partner in their health, I will work hard to find them exactly what they might need in another provider who can address those needs. While some treatment plans do not have immediate results, my patient will know that I will be by their side until that goal is accomplished.


Lastly, I strive to be accessible to my patients. Communication may look different in an ever changing technological world, but my goal is to be available to my patients in a meaningful way. 


We look forward to meeting each and every one of you at Ananda Medical!



In health,

Kumari Ananda Hobbs, MD


Ananda is a name derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “bliss, joy, happiness.” 


About us

Kumari A. Hobbs, MD 

Dr. Kumari Ananda Hobbs is a board-certified gynecologist who has been practicing in NYC since 2014. She received her M.D. at NYU School of Medicine where she also completed her residency in OB/GYN. She is fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery and the evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


Dr. Hobbs takes pride in the care she provides and strives to be responsive and available for her patients. Visits are often longer than is typical to allow for a meaningful discussion so that the patient feels heard and well-cared for. 


Dr. Hobbs looks forward to partnering with you on the journey to maintain or improve your overall gynecological health. She will provide routine gynecologic care as well as evaluate and treat issues as they arise. Plans for an office-based surgical suite for the performance of minor gynecological procedures are underway.  She is also dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to women with chronic pelvic pain (e.g. painful sex, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, etc).  Please refer to the services section for a complete list of services provided. 


Although Dr. Hobbs is not performing major surgery, she remains passionate about helping women navigate their pre-surgical process and enhancing their understanding of their diagnosis that may require surgical intervention. A consultation with Dr. Hobbs, in which imaging results, disease processes and surgical options are discussed at length, has been helpful for some of her patients. Having trained and worked in NYC for many years, Dr. Hobbs has many fantastic minimally invasive surgical colleagues to whom she refers.    


When you establish care with Dr. Hobbs, you are gaining a partner in health.

Owner of Ananda Medical

Co-Owner of JK MGMT Holdings LLC

Jeremy C. Gregg

I was born and raised in Texas. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and ultimately switched to competitive all-star cheerleading which I did the majority of my life including cheering in college at the University of Houston (Go Coogs!). While at UofH I majored in architecture. After UofH I went back to school and majored in experimental nutrition with a minor in British literature and creative writing at Texas A&M (Gig 'Em!). Here, I discovered a love for medicine, and was accepted into Columbia School of Medicine which prompted my move to NYC in 2015. I ultimately pursued my love of both business and patient care as a medical practice manager and certified medical assistant.


I met Dr. Hobbs in 2019 and to say we "clicked" both professionally and personally is an understatement. Working together both as a practice manager but also as her assistant in gynecological procedures has been hugely rewarding. I am incredibly excited about this next chapter in both of our lives.  


My goal is to keep Ananda Medical running smoothly and efficiently, and to help our patients feel comfortable, safe and well-cared for. We want Ananda Medical to feel personal and accessible.


When I'm not in the office, you'll find me at my Long Island beach house, walking my dachshund, Roger (he's deaf and knows sign language!), collecting art, and doing arts & crafts.

Co-Owner of JK MGMT Holdings LLC

Practice Manager

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